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Jaishree Mishra

(An Interview with Jaishree Misra for India Currents. In mid-February 2008, Jaishree Misra’s latest novel, Rani, was banned by the Uttar Pradesh government, sparking widespread debate about artistic freedom, creative license, and the literary genre of historical fiction )

Jaishree Mishra
Pic courtesy : India Currents

Jaishree Misra does not flaunt her literary gene, yet it keeps peeping out in her prolific writing. Not many know that Misra is the grand-niece of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, the Jnanpith Award-winning Malayalam writer, but she likes to believe that her great uncle, has passed the baton to her. Misra, who has published five successful books in eight years, has been characterized by publishers as a mass market writer. Still, her hold on language is commendable and her style endearing. Continue reading “Jaishree Misra | A Writer of Many Genres”

Blog insults prompt suicide?

Guys! I really need to say that I hate this word ‘wanker’. Yeah, I know what it really means and what it has come to mean! Last week I heard this word spoken about the young Gogarty on his Guardian blog attempt and he fled the whole scene of blogging in a jiffy. The next week I noticed this word again at AgencySpy, that insider-written, biting blog of the advertising industry. The blogger was bitching about Paul Tilley, the creative director of DDB Chicago quoting the memo circulated by Tilley asking team members to give ‘one degree more’. Continue reading “Blog insults prompt suicide?”

Newspaper ‘lets go’ blogger

The Guardian blog fiasco

The Guardian blog fiasco Who do you think decides a blogger stays on or not? The Editor? The web site owner? The media Big Shots? You guessed it; it’s the readers, so much that they call us the ‘fifth estate’. And it’s not the read and smile or ignore type of reader like you and me that they talk about here but opinionated class-conscious readers who can make or break a website or a blogger’s budding career as it did here. Continue reading “Newspaper ‘lets go’ blogger”