Techie raises Rs. 3 Lakhs election fighting fund

Ravi Krishna Reddy

Ravi Krishna ReddyHis website proclaims great words by Gandhiji and Abraham Lincoln, including ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. He is doing exactly that. Ravi Krishna Reddy, a computer science ME, had a ‘decent’ (his definition) techie job back in the US for over 6 years, and has left it all to plunge into politics back home. Reddy is contesting as an independent candidate from the Jayanagar constituency in Bangalore to the Karnataka state assembly. Continue reading “Techie raises Rs. 3 Lakhs election fighting fund” Indian brides

Indian Weddings
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Forget those whitening creams and fair skin fads; forget about raising a din on the groom’s dowry demands, the new breed of grooms have arrived. They love dusky skin and ‘obedient’ Indian women. They don’t look for degrees or careers for a possible working-spouse visa; instead they give your gal a US citizenship just by marrying her. And, they want dowry, as plain as that! The American/European groom is here and actively looking for the old world marriages. Just a well brought up wealthy woman with values from the ‘Indian’ family would do! Continue reading “ Indian brides”

An Immodest Proposal


( This appeared in The Hoot in April 2008)

Pic Courtesy : Christopher Haines

When Jonathan Swift wrote ‘the Modest Proposal’ in 1729, the height of sustained irony that he used in the article gifted the English language with a modern phrase loaded with meaning. Swift created a not-quite-gentle shock when he proposed eating Irish babies as a solution to the poverty in that part of the world. It was true Latin satire in the line of Juvenal and Horace, and the educated reader of the time would probably have the sensibility and sense of humour to enjoy the rhetoric. Continue reading “An Immodest Proposal”