SunTec supports Zero Waste

Taking time off the daily schedules of systems and computer programs, the techies at the Trivandrum based SunTec Business Solutions made an effort to do what they could towards erasing their carbon foot prints. With know-how from Thanal, an NGO working on the cause of Zero Waste, the techies took the theme of UNEP’s World Environment Day on June 5 to heart and made time to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ household throwaways and minimize waste. Continue reading “SunTec supports Zero Waste”

Techie Changes gun T-Shirt

No T-Shirt, No Flight
The T-Shirt, courtesy Brad’s Blog

There could be a lot of reasons why you are not allowed to board an international flight; you could be holding a gun or hiding a bomb or not having a proper visa or your passport might look funny (to those guys at the airport I mean); but did you ever hear of a guy who was asked to get off because he was wearing a picture of a gun on his T shirt? Continue reading “Techie Changes gun T-Shirt”