Techies ‘lucky’ number

Who is that you hold near to your heart, answer to all she says and refill her requirements even with borrowed money? She’s your life line and the one thing that can make or break your career too at any time. Yeah! I am talking of your mobile. And like your name, which many of us change to suit our luck, your mobile number needs to be lucky too, say some folk! Quite obvious if the mobile is such a major player in your life’s business. Continue reading “Techies ‘lucky’ number”

Loyal Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists
What’s typical in Venture Capital scene demography?

It’s an all white, all male profile, well almost! They put it at 88% white and 86% male. ‘They’ refer to the Venture Census 2008, a National Venture Capital Association survey done along with Dow Jones Venture Wire and this was an attempt to explore the demographic attributes of Venture Capital Professionals. Continue reading “Loyal Venture Capitalists”