Writer Interview | Suneetha B

(Originally appeared in ChilliBreeze.in )

This month we will introduce Suneetha B, an accomplished writer, published translator, accent trainer and a Chillibreeze Preferred Network member.

Please tell us about yourself.
I am 43, married to a broadcaster, have a son and a daughter, both in their teens. I live in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. I am a postgraduate in English and Management and a student of M Phil (Management). I am a published translator and an accent trainer in the English Language. Other than in English, I also write in Malayalam, my mother tongue. Continue reading “Writer Interview | Suneetha B”

Autobiography of an ex-Nun: A book-review

Pix Courtesy : The Hindu

(Originally appeared in The Indian Blog World, December 2009 edition)

The title of the book is deceptive; it’s ‘AMEN’, and it sounds nice and pious. Then you notice from the first line of the title that this book, which is from the Penguin stables, is ‘The Autobiography of a Nun’, but of someone who is no longer a Nun. I guess I have your interest now. Then let me hook you further; this autobiography is a ‘taboo-breaking nun’s story, devastatingly honest, grippingly direct, and a remarkable read’ opines a famous writer.. Continue reading “Autobiography of an ex-Nun: A book-review”