Managing narratives

daman singh
daman singh
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Author and rural development expert Daman Singh tells Suneetha B. in an email interview about her books and her motivation for writing fiction. Daman Singh will be in the city to participate in the Kovalam Literary Festival.

She says she is “actually a part-time writer” and her other occupations are that of “a housekeeper, child-sitter and dog walker.” But bibliophiles know Daman Singh as an author and expert in rural development. She also happens to be Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s daughter. Her academic pedigree is equally impressive with a resume that includes degrees from St. Stephen’s, Delhi, and Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). Continue reading “Managing narratives”

Serious Men is a serious success

Manu Joseph
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When a well-paced piece of general fiction appears with plenty of science in the backdrop, it’s almost always a thriller; or else the author was once a techie. But Manu Joseph, who is now riding a wave of popularity and success with a debut novel ‘Serious Men’, is a journalist. Publisher John Murray has signed up the book’s UK and Commonwealth rights excluding India and Canada. Continue reading “Serious Men is a serious success”

The story of Mohandas before he became Gandhiji

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

( Originally appeared in the Indian Blog World, September 2010 )

He is a toothless, smiling, austere, picture or a name in a text book, for most of the current twenty-something generation. But he was also a man who was nothing less than a phenomenon. His wisdom, leadership and foresight made India the India we see today; a sovereign, socialist, democratic, republic. But there was a time when even he was a young man just like any other youngster of his times. How did he make the transition from Mohandas to Mahatma Gandhi? Continue reading “The story of Mohandas before he became Gandhiji”

Website Tintumon gets huge support

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Tintumon, the popular SMS Hero, is the Keralite (and only Indian) equivalent of ‘Little Johnny’. A precocious 5 year old comic character with an intelligent and side-splitting take on everything under the sun, Tintumon has run into a copyright furore. Unni Koroth is one of the ‘odd brains’ of Foradian Technologies who are credited with launching the online site Continue reading “Website Tintumon gets huge support”

Emerging Voice

sahira thangal
sahira thangal
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In conversation Saheera Thangal, who has bagged the first Emerging Writer Award, tells Suneetha B that her literary flights are powered by her passion for writing.

“Her poetry is ‘a surprise that has opened a door and stepped out.’ Its intensity makes me laugh and cry at the same time.” The late Kamala Suraiyya wrote this blurb for a debut poetry collection titled Njanenna Ottavara (Me, the Single Line) by Saheera Thangal in 2007. The introduction to this collection was written by none other than poet K. Satchidanandan. Saheera’s Malayalam novel Rabia was also well received for its excellent craft and bold theme – polygamy. Continue reading “Emerging Voice”

For a place called Freedom

Nireeksha's Aanungal Illatha Pennungal

Nireeksha's Aanungal Illatha Pennungal

Nireeksha’s ‘Aanungal Illatha Pennungal’ is an adaption of Shahrnush Parsipur’s novella titled ‘Women without Men.

Aanungal Illatha Pennungal‘ (Women without Men). The title is reminiscent of Hemingway’s work, ‘Men without Women’ and enough to intrigue the audience. Nireeksha, the women’s theatre group who staged this dramatised version of Iranian writer-in-exile Shahrnush Parsipur’s novel of the same name, definitely does not disappoint. The script by E. Rajarajeswari and direction by C.V. Sudhi have conscientiously retained the polyphonic quality of the novel which depicts the destinies of five Iranian women escaping the narrow confines of family and society during the politically charged times of 1953. Continue reading “For a place called Freedom”