A Life in Science: The Scian

Pic Courtesy : Tech Goss

Selvakumar Ganesan mentions in his website that he was born in the year the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta went into space. It’s perhaps this connection with the universal nature of science that Selva honours by his Scientific Indian, a collection of speculative fiction from various Indian authors. He studied computing and has worked as a techie. Techgoss speaks to Selva. Continue reading “A Life in Science: The Scian”

Change Agent award for Gayatri

Pic courtesy : Tech Goss

New Delhi based techie and social worker Gayatri Buragohain has been honoured as a “Change Agent” by the Anita Borg Institute of Women and Technology, USA at the Grace Hopper Conference, held at Atlanta, USA.  This recognition celebrates the accomplishments of technical women from developing countries who are working in their community to attract and support women in tech. Continue reading “Change Agent award for Gayatri”