Face of compassion

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‘Ottayal,’ Shiny Jacob Benjamin’s documentary on Daya Bai, is an inspiring account of the life of a social activist from Kerala who has chosen to work for the empowerment of tribals in Madhya Pradesh.

Ottayal‘ or ‘One Woman-Alone,’ an hour-long documentary on Daya Bai, maps the journey of a teenaged novice from Pala who decided to give up the cloistered life in a convent to serve the tribals of Madhya Pradesh. Continue reading “Face of compassion”

An Interview with Anil Menon

Anil Menon
Anil Menon
Pix courtesy : The Hindu

Techie takes pay cut to promote Sci-Fi for Indians.

Desi Sci-Fi and intensive workshops for Indian writers, how does that sound together? Meet Anil Menon, a techie who is giving his whole heart to the Desi-SF project which hopes to inspire more Indian writers into reading Desi-Science Fiction and writing it as well. Here is the chat Techgoss had with him. Continue reading “An Interview with Anil Menon”

India’s First IT Mystery Thriller

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He calls it the Tale of Techies, and paints an inner world of IT workspaces. Sundip Gorai’s debut novel ‘Hickory Dickory Shock’ releasing in December is a “high octane drama – a fusion of mystery, cipher trail, corporate war, romance and satire, painted against the backdrop of the Indian IT Industry.” IIT graduate Gorai has held a number of senior positions in the tech sector. Continue reading “India’s First IT Mystery Thriller”