Blurring identities

The Lover Inside, an adaption of Harold Pinter’s The Lover, is a comment on the institution of marriage.

The Lover is one of Harold Pinter’s early works and one that well-represents the playwright’s style. In this contemporary one-act play, Pinter observes a regular English household with a pretentious couple. Continue reading “Blurring identities”

Techie goes literary about Travel

Pic courtesy : Tech Goss

Techies these days aren’t just about the sometimes mechanical world of bits and bytes. They discern their avatars off-site and many eventually leave very well paid jobs to taper off the tech path into a ‘calling’. Techgoss meets Aashish Gupta, techie, traveller, and the man behind Yellowleg site, an innovative online bookstore selling travel books to the ‘discerning traveller’. Continue reading “Techie goes literary about Travel”

Techie helps preserve memories

Our dear ones will leave us some day, but is there any reason their memories should also vanish? The legacies we amass in most cases die away because do not know how to keep them alive. Techgoss speaks to Sumit Chowdhury, techie and IIM alumni, whose venture My Life Chronicles (MLC) will help us do just that. MLC is a secure, hassle-free memoir writing and biography service. MLC had started operations in Bangalore but thanks to technology it has a global footprint now. Continue reading “Techie helps preserve memories”