The thrill of uncertainty

Santiago Roncagliolo

Santiago RoncaglioloI had three reasons for choosing Red April or Abril rojo on my reading list. One, this novel had won its Spanish author, Santiago Roncagliolo, the prestigious Premio Alfaguara, the highest Spanish language literary award, in 2006. Roncagliolo was the youngest writer to receive the award at the age of 31. Two, this is a Spanish original translated by Edith Grossman, the translator who introduced us to Garcia Marquez and Cervantes. The third reason was rather “Nobel” too; a literary report that claimed that Roncagliolo is the biggest challenge to Llosa on the Peruvian literary scene. In 2011, this novel won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. Continue reading “The thrill of uncertainty”

Meet Rama the man

arshia sattar

arshia sattar Arshia Sattar is an acknowledged expert of the Indian narrative. As one journeys through her analytical re-interpretation of the Ramayana in Lost Loves: Exploring Rama’s Anguish, her ease at handling Rama and Sita as literary characters strikes you as extraordinary. It’s almost as though this writer has been a silent and sharp observer of the various lives of Rama and Sita across the plentiful narrations in the Ramayana realms. Perhaps that’s the secret behind this very readable demystification of the “eternal hero” of the Ramayana. Continue reading “Meet Rama the man”