Engaging Literary Sojourn: Tania James

Tania James
Tania James
Pix Credit : Ashish Tagra

Tania James was brought up in Kentucky in the United States and is now a resident of Washington DC. But when this native of Kottayam chose to write fiction, Kerala figured a lot in her work. Following a Harvard degree in filmmaking and a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia, Tanya decided to become an author. Tania’s critically-acclaimed debut novel, Atlas Of Unknowns (2009) from Knopf gathered several honours including being short-listed for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. Continue reading “Engaging Literary Sojourn: Tania James”

Dilemmas of Displacement: Aerogrammes and Other Stories by Tania James

Tania James

Tania James Tania James’ debut was impressive; her Atlas of Unknowns was applauded by critics and readers alike among the Western audiences. On this side of the world, the book was shortlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. Ms James has also had prestigious bylines in Granta, Guernica and Boston Review. Which is what makes her short fiction anthology, Aerogrammes and Other Stories, an anticipated one. This reader’s verdict is an encore: it’s brilliant. Continue reading “Dilemmas of Displacement: Aerogrammes and Other Stories by Tania James”

Techie’s Book for Kids recognized

prashant pinge

prashant pinge This gentleman has a cluster of enviable degrees under his belt and that’s in both technology and management. He has also written scripts for animation films, like Chhota Bheem and Kumbh Karan. What brings him to limelight now is his book ‘Raja and the Giant Donut’ which is in the short-list of The Economist Crossword Book Award 2012 for Children’s Writing. Meet Prashant Pinge. Continue reading “Techie’s Book for Kids recognized”

Techie Celebrates Third Novel

Rohit Gore

Rohit Gore Rohit Gore has written three novels and been in the Consulting and IT industry for the last one decade. In his childhood, his ambitions wandered from a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner, but after an engineering degree, an MBA from S P Jain Institute and some aamchi Mumbai life, he is now a Punekar with his wife Pranita. Meet this history, music and sports buff. Continue reading “Techie Celebrates Third Novel”

Techie Pens Two Best Sellers

Sudeep Nagarkar

Sudeep Nagarkar

Young techie Sudeep Nagarkar is on top of the world. He penned not one but two best sellers in quick succession and had them published with a company of repute. Definitely a matter for kudos. Nagarkar’s debut, ‘Few things left unsaid’ sold above 2 lakh copies and his ‘That’s the way we met’ has been on best seller charts within a month of its July release. Meet Sudeep Nagarkar. Continue reading “Techie Pens Two Best Sellers”